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Vacuum Hood Hydraulic Forming Machine (ZK Series)

Vacuum hood type hydraulic forming machine ZK series
This series of models is suitable for all kinds of high-precision rubber products, such as skeleton oil seals, keyboard gaskets, medical products, etc.
PLC programmable control system, the system has 99 sets of memory functions, which is convenient for customers to call up the memory parameters you need at any time. You only need to input the model number you need and press the confirm button.
Touch screen, this part is convenient for checking the output and input signals when the electrical appliance is overhauled, whether the electric heating tube is working normally, it is convenient for the investigation of historical data and the setting or modification of new data.
Equipped with a vacuum box system, which is used for lightning vacuum (inside the mold) when the mold is closed, and then converted into a vacuum pump for direct pumping.
Pressure System:
The system uses a pressure sensor to control the clamping pressure (cylinder pressure), which truly achieves digital control. You only need to input the clamping pressure and speed you need on the touch screen, and the computer will automatically complete your instructions and display it on the touch screen. When the set value is reached, the system will automatically make up the pressure.
Pressure sensor control system.
The electric heating pipe is blown and alarmed, and the electric heating pipe is damaged, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.
All electrical and hydraulic parts are imported.
Fault self-test function and display.

Technical parameters:

Model ZK80T ZK150T ZK200T ZK250T ZK300T ZK400T
Locking force (TON) 80T 150T 200T 250T 300T 400T
Disc size (mm) 380X420 450X450 520X520 550X550 600X600 800X800
Piston diameter (mm) 230 305 355 400 450 500
Electric heating power (KW) 9 9 13.5 20.5 21.5 twenty four
Main motor (KW) 4 5.5 7.5 11 15 15
Piston stroke (mm) 380 330 250 355 430 575
Maximum die size (mm) 340x380x180 410x410x200 520x520x200 55x550x2000 610x610x175 760x760x200
Mechanical dimension(mm) 2850x1625x2610 3150x1640x2550 3650x1800x3090 3650x1800x3090 3830x2450x2990 4230x2550x3120
Total seed amount (kg) 6500 7200 9300 11000 11100 13400

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