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Freeze trimming

1. Definition of Frozen Trimming

Frozen trimming, now called frozen sandblasting, is also called frozen deburring in different industries in China, frozen burr trimming, frozen deburring, freezing method repairing, etc.
It is a semi-finished product processing process that replaces manual deburring of rubber parts, injection molding and die casting products.
The principle is that polymer materials such as rubber, plastics and alloys will be in different phases at different temperatures, and the physical properties will harden → embrittlement → crystallization according to the drop of temperature, and the degree of embrittlement is different due to different thicknesses. That is, under the same low temperature conditions, the thin part becomes brittle before the thick part. Therefore, the brittleness gradient caused by the thickness difference between the overflow edge and the main body is used to complete the trimming, that is, to seize the time difference when the overflow edge is brittle but the main body is not brittle, and apply friction, impact, vibration and other external forces to the product to be repaired to remove the overflow edge. . At this time, the product body is still in an elastic state and is not damaged. later. The trimming effect is further enhanced by the application of blasting media. Second, the invention and benefits of frozen trimming
The principle of frozen trimming was originally introduced to Japan from Europe and the United States, and was later developed by Japan's Showa Carbonic Acid Co., Ltd. and was granted an invention patent in Japan. This equipment is mainly used to replace manual deburring of rubber, injection molding and die casting products, and to improve production efficiency and trimming accuracy (up to 0.01mm). Such equipment has been used in Japan and European and American companies since the late 1970s It is widely used, and it has been gradually adopted and promoted in the rubber and plastics industry since 2000 in China, and it has become one of the necessary post-process equipment in the rubber and plastics industry. Although this equipment is a special equipment in the production process of the rubber, plastic and die-casting industries, it can greatly reduce the production cost in the long run for enterprises that adopt this process.
At the beginning, the technology and equipment of Japanese patents were introduced in China to carry out rubber molding parts, plastic injection molding parts, and alloy die casting parts to freeze and remove burrs and burrs. Although it is a semi-finished product processing process, the benefits are various (it can reduce mold costs, It can reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency and product quality stability, and reduce environmental pollution from waste rubber).
At present, the equipment has basically been popularized in related industries in Japan. After nearly 10 years of promotion in China, it has also been widely adopted by related industries in developed coastal areas.
Third, the development process of frozen trimming
1 The first generation of frozen trimming, drum grinding type. Dry ice was initially chosen as the refrigerant. Using the rotating drum as the working container, adding some working medium that can play a role of friction, and removing the flash by friction, due to low efficiency and poor precision, it has been gradually eliminated in foreign countries, and only some places in China are still using it.
2. The second generation of frozen trimming, horizontal jetting. The refrigerant is changed to liquid nitrogen. Instead of simply relying on the friction between the parts to be repaired to remove edges, fine-grained spray media are introduced to cheer.
3. Vertical spray type, which truly reflects high efficiency, and the quality of processed products is also guaranteed.

4. Intelligent, developed an intelligent device that can carry out man-machine dialogue and is more convenient to operate and manage.

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