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Rubber automatic injection molding machine (ZK-S series)

Introduction of Rubber Automatic Injection Molding Machine


The qualified rate of finished products is almost perfect, the burrs are few and even, it is suitable for all kinds of sophisticated and complex finished products, and it is a better choice for the pursuit of high quality in today's industry.


Multi-sided, polygonal and other complex finished products, especially precision applications such as sporting goods, medical supplies, automotive supplies, and electronic supplies.

Applicable Materials

Natural Rubber, Oil Resistant Rubber, Rubber Compounds, Synthetic Rubber, Medical Compounds, Heat Resistant Rubber Silicone Injection Machine, Solid Silicone Rubber

Rubber automatic injection molding machine (ZK-S series)


This machine is suitable for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber, high temperature rubber, oil resistant rubber and other rubber products.


High bed structure
Mitsubishi PLC programmable control
New type external feed check valve
Fault self-test function and display
Segmented direct pressure injection mechanism
Pressure sensor control system
The electric heating pipe is blown and alarmed, and the electric heating pipe is damaged, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.

ZK-S series main components SPEIFICATIONS. Specifications:

Model ZK-S250CC ZK-S250CC ZK-S1000CC-A ZK-S1000CC-B ZK-S1500CC-A ZK-S1500CC-B ZK-S2000CC ZK-3000CC
Injection volume 300 300 1000CC-1500 1000 1500-2000 1500-200 2000-3000 2000-3000
injection pressure 150-160 150-160 150-160 150-160 150-160 150-160 150-160 150-160
Screw diameter ¢32 ¢32 ¢45 ¢45 ¢45 ¢45 ¢45-¢50 ¢50
Screw speed 0-120 0-120 0-120 0-120 0-120 0-120 0-120 0-120
Raw material size 10X30 10X30 10X50 10X50 10X50 10X50 15X50 15X60
lock touch 60 60 200 200 200 260 300 400
Piston stroke 360 370 460 460 460 580 510 580
Template size 350X380 290X320 480x450 550x560 550X560 520X580 700x730 800x900
Large column left and right spacing 445 390 575 720 720 645 790 1100
Piston diameter ¢180 ¢200 ¢355 ¢355 ¢355 ¢406 ¢430 ¢500
motor 5.5 5.5 11 11 15 15 18.5 twenty two
electric heating 7.2 7.2 14. 14. 14. 16 19 twenty one
Heat transfer oil pump 0.5hp 0.5hp 1hp 1hp 1hp 1hp 1hp 1hp
System pressure 21MP 21MP 21MP 21MP 21MP 21MP 21MP 21MP
Mechanical Dimensions 2275X1705X2900 2135X1240X2870 3610X2000X3730 3610X2000X3730 3610X2000X3730 2750X2130X3780 2900X2355X4400 1650X2380X4500
Mechanical weight 3100 3200 5400 5450 5620 7400 8500 9300

Control system

Adopt programmable PLC control system control, combined with man-machine interface (touch screen), to achieve stable action and easy circuit maintenance.

Exit System

Adopt fast and slow speed and segmented injection design, change the required data according to different product requirements, and cooperate with the analog data of the potentiometer to achieve accurate and stable feeding and injection positions.


It is used to control the temperature of the feeding system and the storage system to ensure that the temperature is controlled within the temperature range you set.

Storage System

Using automatic constant temperature design, setting the required temperature according to different rubber formulations can save vulcanization time, improve work efficiency, save electricity and labor, reduce production costs, and increase profits.

Formwork agency

The mechanism can be customized according to the needs of customers, and plays the role of mold splitting and ejection.

Clamping potentiometer

The potentiometer is used to control the switch function, so that it can achieve real digital movement control, and the fast and slow position is more accurate.

Pressure Control System

The system uses a pressure sensor to control the clamping pressure, which truly achieves digital control. You only need to input the clamping pressure and speed you need on the touch screen, and the computer will automatically complete your instructions and display it on the touch screen. If it is lower than the set value When the system will automatically make up the pressure.

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